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S Boatright’s Mixlr event “Sounds from the Corridor #44”

Tracking List:

1) SRVTR- “Carte Blanche I”- Carte Blanche- registro2-4 ) Michael Bonaventure- “Terramorph”, Stefan Schmidt– “Collapsing Circuits”, and JS Horseman– “Polygons”, all from VA Electroframework- Unexplained Sounds Group 5) VelgeNaturlig- “Matariki”- Kundalini- Winter Light Records 6) Theo Nugraha– “Lolongan”- Innerspeaker 7) t.r. hand & Glauber K.S.- Submarine Broadcasting Company 8) Psionic Asylum– “March of the Abyss”- March of the Abyss 9) MUWN- “Joy”- Four Tastes- Sounds from the Corridor 10) Marco Lucchi– “Abandoned Seashores”- Abandoned Seashores 11) Vladimir.s syndikat- “Room Number”- Baiterek.

Sounds from the Corridor :

live radio show that started in November of 2013. It is broadcast from Henry Ford College in the Detroit Michigan area (U.S.) on FM 89.3 and streaming on the internet at The show plays experimental music of many different kinds, including Ambient/Electronic/Avant-Garde/Musique Concrete and sometimes noise. Artists showcased originate from all over the world; Europe, Asia, Australia, and more. Sometimes there are live performances by local artists and people who come through town. It is broadcast live on Thursdays from 12-2 P.M. EST US, and is now available in a separate, different podcast on mixcloud every Wednesday.
It is also a music label that puts out digital and physical releases available on Bandcamp. These releases feature many of the artists that are played on the show in solo releases, as well as compilations.
All artists are welcome to submit their sounds to be played or be a part of a future release.

Scott Boatright Biography :

I was born in Detroit Michigan in the 60’s, where I was exposed to many different styles of music by various family members growing up. I have always been drawn to experimental sounds and began exploring them by going to various independent record stores starting in the in the late 80’s, where I discovered Ambient/Space Rock music and Noise. I later expanded on this when I began doing radio in 1997 and have been doing this ever since. In addition to exploring music, I also like to experience creative art, independent films and different cultures. I started doing this last year by coming to England, Germany, France, and Belgium. I hope to always continue to do this, while sharing with others, and hopefully visit other countries and meet people from around the world in the future.

Link :

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