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Theo Nugraha release new mix documenting East Borneo experimental scene

Theo Nugraha (Samarinda, Indonesia) has been an active part of the Indonesian experimental scene since 2013. His discography comes close to 200 releases and includes solo works, split albums, collaborations, remixes, and compilations. He recently participated in the Soemardja Sound Art Project, curated by Bob Edrian, in Bandung, and was included on the compilation ”Pekak! Indonesian Noise 1995 – 2015: 20 Years of Experimental Music from Indonesia.”

For this mix, Theo Nugraha focuses on his hometown of Samarinda (East Borneo, Indonesia) to chronicle the last five years of the small, but vital experimental scene. The mix includes tracks from Sarana, Jeritan, Astrojo, Sarcapathy, Jeliwan Tok Hudoq, Theo himself, and more.

This is the first mix in second series of four mixes curated by Bandung label, Seratus RIbu. In the coming weeks, the label will also release mixes from Inferior Damage (Jaya Sempurna of Detention, Palembang), Shaze (owner of the label Within Electric, Kuala Lumpur), and Dangerdope (Banda Aceh)

23 Oktober: Theo Nugraha

30 Oktober: Inferior Damage

7 November: Shaze

14 November: Dangerdope

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