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Harsh Noise wall, Sustained



Article :

Village Voice : “Rembulan” — Indonesian for “moon” — is a thick, suffocating blast of recent noise from Borneo’s Theo Nugraha, who’s spent the past couple of years establishing himself as a noise evangelist. There’s no prelude or preamble here: We’re plunged, immediately, into a sort of concentrated, bifurcated disorder. Whether at three minutes or thirty, there’s always a risk of this brand of harsh noise-wall wearing out its welcome too quickly. “Rembulan” overcomes this obstacle by placing a sustained, annihilating drone and a distorted, cratering crumble in direct opposition to each other; sometimes one element or the other is permitted to pendulum to the forefront, or a piercing whine slices through the confusion to incinerate every item on your mental to-do list. The spigot explodes; the furnace erupts; the valley is burned and poisoned. Hang on tight.


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