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Rohong Kanduang




Description :

Rohong Kanduang is an interactive exhibition of sound installation from plants by Theo Nugraha.

The theme of Rahang Kanduang is taken from the ancient Dayak language ‘ Sangen’ that means “breath”. Through this exhibition, Theo translates breath by sounds installation using plants as the object.

Indirectly this installation invites the listeners to interact with plants through sounds.


Photo :

Studio kurik



Exhibiton :

2018 Soemardja Sound Art Project, Galeri Soemardja (Bandung,Indonesia)

2017 Rohong Kanduang: Sound Installation, Poster Installation w/ Zein Alitamara, Studio Kurik (Palangka Raya, Indonesia)

2017 Rohong Kanduang : NOISE & FOLIA Installation, Lunagallery (George Town, Malaysia)